The All slots games are incredible because of how simple and comfortable they can be, but besides this they have the incredible advantage that they can be practiced without the need to spend money of any kind, and still win real prizes; but nobody should be confused, this does not happen all the time, it depends on the platform that the player uses. These can come in different sizes and shapes, but it is a fact that when you have the bonuses of this style, more popular become among the public.

It was in late 2003 that the idea of ​​free spins in virtual slots came out for the first time, it was such a big change that I achieved immediate success in the quality of the game, since it shows that the important thing is not to make money, but that the player has fun feeling satisfaction a thousand per hour. What of course ended up making this something more profitable, and proceeded to increase this type of machines. Today there are hundreds of thousands of establishments that have them, but which are the best in the industry? It’s not that hard to know.

Thunderstruck (Microgaming): this is one of the most outstanding of Microgaming because it is the first in the area to offer this kind of opportunities, a true novelty for that then so it was no wonder the great success that it got from its inception.

The process is simple, the coin sizes are low, almost as much with a common cent, so the player is offered a variety of options and quite varied opportunity as far as bets are concerned; but not only that because there is also the idea of ​​opting for three spurs, which are equivalent to 15 spins completely free, the best of which is that the winnings will be paid at a triple price of the value they originally had. The Jackpot Cup is about 150,000 in coins, which is pretty good.

20,000 Leagues (Wagerlogic): InterCasino has among its range of slot machines this fantastic option that brings many benefits for the player who wants to use it, this is because it is a game that has five drums in total, as well as nine lines perfect that carry with them the opportunity that this can win without much effort, more than 40 games! The best thing is that they are free and everything happens with a single movement. But that’s not all since all the profits will be tripled and at the same time, each of the games can be activated again depending on the limitation they have.

Cleopatra’s Gold (Real Time Gaming): The great thing about this particular game is that it looks a lot like a video slot called Queen of the Nile by Aristocrat, but not only that, since the real benefits are with the 15 free spins that are given to the player when he has more than three pyramids, even if they are scattered, on the reels obtained during the game. Something great is that they can be reactivated when they like it most, and it is even one of those machines that connect to other progressive jackpot links, but in a random way.

DesertTreasure (Playtech): Here there is an incredible advantage from the beginning, and it is the limit of bets that they have, it is quite broad! So the player has the satisfaction of not feeling embarrassed at any time of the game. It also stands out for having the option to get 20 cents for 15 perfect turns, but not only because if the symbols that represent a princess can equal 15 more turns, with the spectacular bonus to triple each of the victories. But this not only stays here, but the highest pot that can be achieved is also about 10,000 coins that will be applied to the online bet that has the lucky winner.

Avalon (Microgaming): That game comes in itself about five reels and twenty other lines, which is great that they also have the option of additional bonuses to get free spins. You can also find more than three scatters and automatically win 12 games perfectly for free, each of them will be tripled and the extra jokers will not wait! The best thing about this is that in the end, everything is very profitable.

TombRaider (Microgaming): Obviously this is based on movies and video games, which are extremely popular. Here the bonuses are in two games, in which one of them is a bonus of completely free spin. By obtaining Lara Croft symbols you will easily win and win 10 games, and the winnings will be tripled. Here the boats are the most incredible of all, and that is that they are 112,500 coins, can you ask for more?