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From finding tenants and collecting the rent to maintaining the property, your business is in safe hands. How effective are you as landlords when it comes managing your property? Don’t be, because we are sharing Airpropty’s proven property management process! Get new tips from the experts or, even better, our complete services for only $25/wk. Airpropty has the best property management services in Auckland, with the lowest fixed fees.

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Jimmy and Alyce are the husband-and-wife team that runs Pukeko Rental Managers Manukau. Both Alyce and Jimmy are Manukau locals and speak Chinese and English fluently. Mortgage finance and restructuring advice through our sister company, Loan Market, one of New Zealand’s largest networks of mortgage advisors.

As a landlord it is amazing having someone of this caliber who are landlords themselves and know what is required in looking after your precious investments. I have recently purchased a yacht in the Caribbean and plan to sail it back to NZ over the course of a couple of years. Without a strong team back home, I would not be able to feel confident enough to embark on my new adventure.

  • Our Welcome Letter is everything you need to know to start your tenancy off on the right foot.
  • We are transparent from the beginning.
  • Viva Property Management takes the hassle out renting a property. We maximize your rental income and maximize your investment.
  • Our expert team of professionals has extensive market knowledge and expertise.

So we know what it’s like to be in your shoes, and will always act in your best interests. By improving the quality of rental homes, New Zealanders who rent will experience improved health, as well as lower medical costs and lower levels of hospitalisations. Warmer, dryer homes are less likely to suffer from mould or mildew damage. This protects landlords’ investment. With 118 years of combined experience, the team focuses solely on Manukau property management. We manage a limited number of properties to ensure we offer the highest quality service.

Maximise Rental Income Enhance Your Investment

‘Propty’ describes how we do business with your property – properly and professionally. Our excellent, affordable services will allow you to breathe easy and do the things you love. Monthly owner’s statements are prepared by rental property managers. It is a detailed record of the property’s income and expenses.

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Risk and compliance.

They can also offer advice and suggestions about how to market your property to make it stand out from the rest. One reason why property managers are more effective in handling tenants is that they filter out a lot of ‘noise’ that tenants can create. A property manager will filter through those questions and establish what to be addressed, and what’s non-urgent. A property manager will communicate to the landlord and reiterate to the tenant which matters must be prioritized to manage the tenants’ expectations. The time and stress involved with managing your property privately can often significantly outweigh the cost of using a property manager.

Take care of your business so you can get on with life. We are looking for a senior member of the maintenance team to join our fast-paced, engaging role. Ray White Eastern Group is looking for a motivated Personal Advisor to join a salesperson in one of our offices. We offer cutting edge systems, technology, training and support that will set you up to achieve at your very best.

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